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Magic man camera to break the flash of a flash curse so that everyone has his own cartoon headThrou

of course, the success of the magic man cameras today there are many unspeakable grief, home business founded in 2008, in the most difficult.

domain name, website, public number, one does not fall

in the magic man camera encountered bad mouthing questions, Huang Guangming not only not worried, but showed his great confidence. His experience told me that social networking platform just communication channels, the product itself is the fundamental vitality, the rise of the magic diffuse camera mainly by word of mouth, nor do promotion, so exhausted after social dividend, scalability and depth of mining products, is the reason for its decision not to decline. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng passive marketing has become obsolete now is the era of interactive marketing


3, the other search

here we focus on that the two, second is about micro-blog search and search, the two Shanghai Google and love what is the difference? In our webmaster perspective, the love of Shanghai is used to do Shanghai dragon, micro-blog search is looking for high quality customers, which means that the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon mention ranking is a potential customer, and through the micro-blog search is looking for high quality customers and then transformed into real customers, this one is, one is looking for. One is passive, one is active, a passive and do not know is not really a customer, how high quality customers take the initiative to find the transformation into real customers, the two which is your success read more

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