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Webmaster don’t get lost in the nternet

                  for a long time, do stand for a long time, about 4 and a half months since I started to do, happy, happy a new way appeared in the later is simple to learn, learning for a long time access to the SEO it’s pretty fun, but also to learn SEO, standing on the matter at hand, SEO learned one or two months without what success, is a successful case, maintain a few days later, no one has to search my station now has changed several times, and now almost is half-dead, is thinking about how to save? Here, I would like to suggest that you do the website, the teacher’s station, step by step, step by step, even if you go to learn SEO, learn something Be sure to focus on their own station, on this site users, do not get lost, and finally to do their own website, why do not know read more

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Original article source have a unique skill

most of the webmaster, by collecting live, some owners in order to save time, the collected things wholly intact put it stand up yourself, remember I wrote an article on the SEO, in the webmaster online release after second days to see traffic sources, found by other owners to adopt the wholly intact, brought a lot of traffic to me. Thank you very much for the station master.

, everybody knows. This collection of article weight is very low, so, many webmaster are slightly modified before release, cheat search engine, let it think is original. But the reader is intelligent, read the first time, the second met definitely not see, just like in Admin5 see article. In the Chinaz there, my first reaction was to have, no need to open to see, so many Webmaster Station collection articles, although it is changed, but still a superficial reform, not to mention the interest of others, perhaps because this article will bring you some traffic, but this the article is unable to retain people, a site is not a practical thing, there is no viscous, want people to visit you again, is a bit more difficult. But many webmaster will say. My website has to add a lot of content, if you want to original, it must be impossible. This is also on websites such as Admin5, is everybody contribute, so basically are original, but for those who do not have a membership or submission system but not famous, certainly need to update their own station, how should I do? read more

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The number of registrations has been greatly reduced and CN has been greatly damaged by ordinary us

according to relevant data, as China’s largest number of domain names,.Cn domain name for 09 years, the number of 13 million 459 thousand and 133, down 113 thousand and 193 in 2008, a decrease of 0.83%. The number of domain names in China was 16 million 818 thousand and 401, down 7797 from 2008. 09 years, although the number of domain names reduced slightly, but the overall number remained at both levels. In the case that the overall domain name is basically unchanged,.Cn is reduced by about one hundred thousand. And the world’s largest, most widely available.Com domain name, according to the latest statistics show that, as of the end of 09, the domestic market.Com domain name has exceeded 3 million, nearly 3 million 364 thousand. And the number of Chinese websites grew by 14.7%, up to 3 million 300 thousand, roughly the same as the number of.Com domains. 3 million 300 thousand of these sites use.Com domain names for 550 thousand websites. This means that each of the six sites have a.Com in the.Cn domain, faced difficulties in case of.Com with the Internet branding and the unique advantage of enterprise users, has maintained a good momentum of growth. read more

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Stationmaster exchanges the door that specific sound strikes success

today in browsing the website, find your favorites of too many web site, and most of them are only one or two times I don’t have the URL, can’t help some emotion: if one can the good ah.

stationmaster’s poineering road hardships can be imagined. It is in this difficult road, follow the trend of faults can be walked a batch of webmaster refused in the success of the door, why can’t they succeed? Is the site of the layout of their own not specific, often change their site layout, resulting in waste of time and cost. I was also a member of this team, and now I will share my experience and share it with you. I hope I can help you. read more

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Seven years experience accumulated once show Qi Tang website operation diary last

wrote my business diary last time, many webmaster chat with me, the webmaster feel very encouraged, and I also benefited a lot, in the course of the talk gave me a lot of inspiration and creativity. I’m very pleased with my experience. Thank you for posting my diary of the major websites, because of your efforts, will allow more people to see my entrepreneurial experience.

In the process of chatting with the webmaster, many people ask

how to operate the website. I talked about my opinion, because it was a very complicated topic, so I didn’t talk much. I want to sort out my ideas, write it out, and share with you. read more

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O2O observation where is the community platform for community care free

[Abstract] early cell worry, more like a mobile terminal "living Yellow Pages", through the provision of classified information, access to the community around the service providers. Now the community worry, are working from a comprehensive platform cut into the vertical segments of the category, community worry can go through this road? Editor’s note: "O2O" is the observation WeChat public account analysis, O2O research focus on science and technology channel owned by Tencent (inside-o2o). In the near future will be launched "case studies" series of articles, the second issue of concern about the district. read more

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Examples to explain the domain was Google deblocking

my domain name Chinese flower seedling network ( has been a period of garbage and the use of a certain website, cheating (web page stack keywords has been serious), Baidu and Google are all sealed, later Baidu released Baidu active domain was lifted. I had done the flower industry, are fond of flowers. It is intended to be a gardening website, Google has been seen. I offer a try attitude for Google released results a week later really Google re opened, I said the following specific steps about domain deblocking, hope to have some help. read more

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How does the medical profession do the nternet integrated marketing

in the development of the Internet today, should belong to the medical industry in the information on the Internet exposure rate, website optimization in medical now how we single to do a SEO, has been far from enough. But facing today’s medical Internet development, the information is becoming more and more standardized, how should we do it?.

On July 12, 2013 at

yy6359 SEO in the open class we heard the teacher explained to theshine this course, I feel quite, according to the course he spoke with some understanding of night to write such an article to enhance your understanding of the SEO industry. Zi Xuan SEO Research Center students, the original is mainly to do procedural aspects. It’s been more than three years since we got into the medical profession. The SEO supervisor who works as a hospital in Shanghai is still small and famous. With enough big harvest, in recent years, the way to do e-commerce business started. But he left the company and should not have stopped studying online marketing and SEO in the healthcare industry. That’s why I shared this course yesterday. Well, don’t talk too much nonsense, get into the subject. We share the medical Internet integration marketing according to three points. read more

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t is important to ensure that foreign trade websites SEO virtual hosts and domain names are import

business team continue to grow in the foreign trade business, the business is more and more, China electricity providers have gradually from the Chinese territory expanded to a global scale, and the process of foreign trade electricity supplier website under construction, in the virtual host and domain name on the choice of foreign trade website to careful choice, in order to do SEO optimization foreign trade station, the best prior to these problems do a survey to understand, in order to protect the site optimization smoothly. read more

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Four elements help you improve your site access speed

site access speed is the first customer to enter any site feel like shop service, it will directly affect the quality of network marketing success or failure, and even decide the lifeblood of a website, so the website construction in user experience is a link can not be ignored. Quick website access speed on one hand can provide faster and more convenient service for users, on the other hand also to search engine spiders on the website of the crawl, conversely, if the site visit is not stable or open slowly, impatient user will turn off the page, causing the page to access the depth of stay in the home, search engine it will therefore reduce weight of the site. There are many factors affecting the site access speed, in addition to the server is not stable, visitors line restrictions, room bandwidth, web page design, code length, third party plugins will greatly influence the site access speed. These are more detailed things, if not careful, it is easy to disconnect customers are visiting. Since the site access speed is so important, we need to improve the webmaster from the site where access speed? Below share my experience summary, and I hope all of you will help! read more

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