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Sichuan start innovation engine to ensure the economic development of double high school

Sichuan as a big province, population, economic development, but also need to implement the policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, to solve the employment problem, so that people’s lives become better. At present, Sichuan has started innovation and entrepreneurship engine, to ensure the development of economic double high school.


2014 September, Premier Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call. One year later, on the same occasion, the prime minister once again pushed this idea to encourage the promotion of public entrepreneurship, innovation, to achieve employment, increase income, promote social vertical mobility and fairness and justice. read more

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Zhu Shijian seventy or eighty year old success depends on what

each person’s life, will encounter different difficulties, face different difficulties. Just when the planting of Chu orange, Zhu Shijian baowaijiuyi, fall from the pinnacle of life, suffered jail, the pain of loss of female, all kinds of attack and did not destroy Zhu Shijian. In him, the qualities of the entrepreneur are very distinct: face the cruel reality and beat it.

a detail is that the car he love the car quickly, others are a bit dizzy, he is still very excited. More than and 80 year old, do not want to lose time, but do not want to lose to the so-called fate. Zhu Shijian’s wife Ma Jingfen said: "in the past, a lot of people say the society, you do so well in the factory of Zhu Shijian, it is because the policy is good, Yunnan tobacco has become the factory to the richly endowed by nature, the carrying pole. He was an orchard, he wanted to deny it."

but the key reason this is not "Chu orange do together. "Chu orange" Zhu Shijian my contacts, resources, reputation and other factors plus, but Chu orange can develop to this point today, the most essential reason is Zhu Shijian to apply his entrepreneurial management ability. read more

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Junior high school students to promote the success of the dry cleaners

in today’s society, the employment environment is not optimistic, at the same time, there are a lot of young people have started to venture in the society, there have been a number of young people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and also won the entrepreneurial success.

is a very strange thing for many young people open the laundry, because young people are a group full of vitality, even if entrepreneurs should also find some of the industries which open run around here and there, like a washing machine, sitting in the store business every day. But the following college students are relying on the start of the laundry industry. Let’s take a look at it. read more

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Open a crispy cake shop to make money

crispy cake is a lot of people love to eat food, crispy cake shop business is very prosperous, so many people also want to open a crispy cake shop. Open a crispy cake shop to make money? Many friends are thinking about the problem. Below, on the opening of a crisp cake room investment and profits, to introduce you to the specific!

Analysis of

The main equipment investment 3000 yuan read more

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What are the steps you can refer to

many people want to start their own business to achieve the dream of wealth, but there are a lot of novice do not know where to start. Operators lack of experience, you can learn a lot of entrepreneurial experience. Xiaobian finishing some of the knowledge about entrepreneurship, I hope you can help establish the direction of entrepreneurship, a clear entrepreneurial goals.

1, how to find a business model

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Retailers need to optimize service attitude to improve customer satisfaction

a shop only really make customers satisfied, will let customers become repeat customers, and then to the store business development help. And, as everyone knows, the retailer enthusiastic service attitude, charming smile, affinity of language, as a magnet can quickly attract customers, seize the hearts of customers, quickly stimulate their passion and desire to purchase, improve customer satisfaction rate. Generally speaking, the customer should smile, warm and thoughtful, but also pay special attention to the details of retail services, in order to greet the appreciation of many customers. read more

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How to open a waste acquisition station


seems to be a waste, but it contains a very large business opportunities, as long as a good business, it is not difficult to get rich, because of this, there will be so many investors choose to open a waste acquisition station. So, if you want to venture capital, want to open a waste acquisition station to make money. However, how to open such a shop but plagued countless people. How to open a waste acquisition station?

waste acquisition station needs to be about 3 – $50 thousand. Most of the money spending is: site rent, staff wages for 2-5 people, garbage transport personnel, personnel, and personnel pay to sell scrap cash. Telephone expenses and taxes, utilities, health, public security and other expenses. read more

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Xiaogan science and Technology entrepreneurial talent to study and training in Changsha

social entrepreneurship requires by the entire government recognition and strong support, can walk farther, such entrepreneurs on the road in Hubei recently, the government of Xiaogan organized a number of new technology talents to Changsha to learn some new entrepreneurial skills.

7 13 days to 17 days, the successful completion of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to organize the implementation of major talent project "the technology entrepreneurship leading talent support program training in Hunan province Changsha, from the city’s 26 science and technology entrepreneurship leading talent and technical personnel management staff participated in the training. read more

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